Students Seeking Immediate Funds

Though the global health crisis may have long standing effects, many students are facing more immediate financial needs. We sympathize with your financial situation, and our office will do our best to help you. However, most grants require applicants to apply several months to a year in advance of when they need the money. This can pose difficulties for students who are looking for more immediate funds to support living, medical, and/or academic expenses. 

For such students, this page is meant to serve as a guide to available alternatives on the IU Bloomington campus to meet short-term funding needs. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and merely constitutes the resources we are currently aware of. We will update this page as new information about potential assistance comes into our office.

Student Advocate's Office

The IU Student Advocates Office may be able to provide limited emergency funding (up to $500) for expenses such as flying home for a death in the family or severe weather causing an unusually high utility bill. The Student Advocates Office may also be able to help you file financial aidtuition and fees, or residential programs and services appeals depending on your circumstances.

As of 06/25/2020, the Student Advocates Office is redirecting COVID-19 Emergency Funding questions to the new DSA efund website. We will update this page if we become aware of new developments.

Office of International Services

International students who need financial assistance may apply for a need-based scholarship through Atlas throughout the year. The amounts of the awards vary from $500 to $2,000 (or more, in rare cases), depending on the level of need and the availability of funds. Decisions are generally made within two weeks of when the application is submitted, and the scholarships are posted directly to students’ bursar accounts. Students can apply for this scholarship by completing an e-form.

Money Smarts Office

If you require more substantial amounts than those provided by the offices above, you may be tempted to consider taking on a loan to cover your expenses while you try to secure funding. Before you take on a loan, we recommend speaking to an expert from the Money Smarts Office to learn what your options are. You can also schedule a well-being appointment with the Money Smarts team that focuses on your well-being as related to your financial situation.